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KRT d.o.o. was established in 1990, when its founder came up with the idea of performing a service of machine cleaning of overgrown areas covered in macchia, different plants and trees, which was a great idea because at the time in Istria it all had to be done manually.

It was one of the first machines of its kind in Croatia, which was of course suited to our specific needs.

The beginnings were difficult, machine breakdowns were frequent, performance challenges greater by the day, but passion and persistence over the last 30 years enabled KRT, a family-run company, to be recognized today by a large number of public and private clients as a synonym for a high quality work carried out within a given deadline.

Today, the company has a licence to perform forestry work, employs a total of twenty workers, owns fifteen machines with different attachments and year after year expands its business and grows in accordance with the market demands.


Our strength is, above all, the experience we have gathered in the past 30 years, our employees (some of whom are with us from the very beginning) and of course, adequate mechanization.

By accumulating knowledge and investing in new technologies, today we own a selection of machines with different power range – starting with 30 hp up to 500 hp, we can mulch plants and wood up to 50 cm thick, prepare land for new plantations, grindstone grounds up to 80 cm deep and build forest and agricultural roads regardless of the terrain complexity.

Today, the company also owns a specialized workshop for repairing its own machinery in order to shorten the maintenance time and thus safely meet the agreed deadlines while maintaining the quality of the performed work.


Continue to invest in human and machine resources and in that way maintain the high quality of preformed work while continuing to be a reliable partner to our suppliers and to our customers, and above all, a good friend to our employees.

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