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Krt d.o.o. Gradinje company provides forest and construction service activities. The company operates over the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia and, if necessary, performs services abroad as well.

We perform the following services:

  • construction and maintenance of fire trails, forest roads, and other access roads
  • rock grinding/crushing (conversion of stone grounds to the fertile ground)
  • terrain preparation for planting immortelles, olives, vines and other agricultural cultures (melioration)
  • machine and manual wood cutting, mulching of neglected areas – terrain cleaning, vegetation clearing
  • grass-cutting along motorways
  • grass-cutting along canals and watercourse embankments
  • maintenance of greenery in camps, suburban neighborhoods and other urban areas
  • construction and maintenance of energy routes (gas pipelines, water supply pipelines, transmission lines)
  • forestry service activities
  • tree removal, stump grinding, post-fire cleaning of forest areas
  • mechanical workshop services – mulcher balancing

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Gradinje 4/1

52427 Livade

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Tel: +385 52 616-566
Fax: +385 52 616-565
Mob: +385 98 399-498

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