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Mechanical workshop services / Mulcher repairing and balancing

KRT company has a specialized workshop for repairing its own machinery, but also offers repair and balancing services for mulchers of all manufacturers in the workshop and in the field.

Smaller mulchers intended for maintenance and mowing are usually balanced in the workshop, but for emergencies it can also be done in the field in working conditions, althoughttp://new.krt.hr/wp-admin/themes.phph such are more susceptible to other failures if not used properly for their purpose, such as rotor bending and problems with rotor sleeves and bearings in which case a workshop is required to resolve these faults. If the mulcher rotor is bent before balancing, it is necessary to straighten it – such rotors are first straightened with a strong press of 300 T. Larger mulchers, such as forest mulchers, are balanced without removing the rotor in working conditions.

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