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Preparation of overgrown earth / stone surfaces for planting

The preparation of the terrain for planting can take place on neglected earthy – mostly forest but also rocky surfaces. The difference is in the preparation – in forest areas, after cutting the vegetation, it is enough to extract the roots and veins with a ripper and grind them with a special cutter or take them to the landfill, while in rocky areas the terrain must be excavated with hydrualic breaker and then the excavated material is crushed . Ripping and excavation is usually done at depths of 60-100 cm

We are turning a terrain that has due to the stone base never been suitable for planting permanent crops into a terrain that can be cultivated and planted with a variety of crops, from vegetable crops to planting permanent plantations such as olive groves and vineyards. The advantage of this technology is that by grinding rock in rocky terrains, sand granulation is obtained, which retains moisture very well, thus reducing the drying of the soil and favoring plant growth. We ameliorate even the most difficult terrains by grinding and crushing the stone to the desired granulation. There are several crushers available, which achieve different depths and granulation. The depth of crushing can be different depending on the crop to be planted.

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