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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Krt d.o.o., Gradinje 4/1, 52427 Livade, OIB: 67402891950 (hereinafter: Krt d.o.o.) reserves all copyright to the use of photographs, text and other published material, in terms of positive legal regulations in the Republic of Croatia. Photographs, texts and other material may not be published, sold, publicly or privately displayed or used in any other way without the consent of Krt d.o.o.

Cookies Notification

This cookies notification is for www.krt.hr, and describes the manner in which we use personal data collected by cookies and other techniques including pixels (‘Cookies’) on our web page www.krt.hr (‘Page’).

Data collection

Upon opening of our Page or browsing through our targeted ads, we automatically collect data by using Cookies.

The type of data we gather by means of Cookies includes the IP address, ID device number, searched websites, search data, search type, operative system, internet operator, timestamp, the forwarding URL, and data on location depending on the device you use.

More information on Cookies:

Cookies are small electronic data sent by the website to the user’s browser and stored on the user’s hard drive. We store Cookies on your computer if you visit our online page.If you are concerned about storing Cookies on your computer, you may configure your browser to refuse to store all Cookies or to warn you when Cookies are set, which will give you an opportunity to decide whether you wish to accept them or not. You may also delete Cookies from your computer. However, if you opt for blocking or deleting Cookies, certain web site functions you visit might not work properly.

More information on pixel codes:

Pixel codes (also known as web trackers or clear gif) are electronic files which primarily consist of a pixel and may be added to the web page or the e-mail message for the purpose of sending information such as newsletter. We may use pixel codes to set up or recognize a Cookie on your device if you use our services.

Third party Cookies:

We enable a Cookie set up to certain third parties. If you have any questions about which Cookies are used and who sets them, contact us through contract information hereunder.

The purpose of processing

We use your data, including personal data collected by means of Cookies, for the following purposes:

  • To enable the use of our Page: we use data collected by means of Cookies to enable the use of the Page. It is our justifiable business interest to use Cookies for this purpose.
  • The analysis of use of our services: We use data collected by means of Cookies for the analysis of the method of use of our Page and the preparation of the report on the use of our Page. We also use Cookies for monitoring the use of the Page and improving users’ experience and Page quality. It is our justifiable business interest to use Cookies for this purpose.
  • Targeted marketing campaigns: We use data collected by means of Cookies in a justified interest of sending targeted marketing campaigns. When prescribed by law, we will ask for your consent before setting Cookies for said purpose. You may withdraw your consent at any time. You may also refuse the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes at any moment.
  • Market research: We use data collected by means of Cookies in a justified interest of conducting market research (e.g. the analysis of market segmentation or trends, preferences and behaviour, research on products or services or marketing or advertising efficiency) or product development (e.g. the analysis of characteristics of a specific market segment or a group of users or the functionality of our Page, for the purpose of improving the Page).

If you wish to disable the use of Cookies described herein, and no such method is directly available (e.g. in browser’s settings), contact the facility at www.krt.hr.

Data storing

There is a difference between temporary and permanent Cookies. Temporary Cookies exist only until you close your browser. Permanent Cookies have longer life and are not automatically deleted when your browser closes. We are trying to use Cookies or to allow the use of Cookies with a max duration of 5 years. Only under extraordinary circumstances, e.g. for safety reasons (such as fraud detection) and when it is absolutely necessary, Cookies duration is longer than the above stated. If you have any questions on specific periods of Cookies storage, contact us through our contact data below.

Questions or complaints

If you have any questions or complaints regarding our processing of your personal data or if you wish to use some rights you have pursuant hereto, we recommend you to contact us at www.krt.hr or contact directly our data protection officer. In case you would like to gain insight into our internal GDPR procedure, please contact our data protection officer via the contact information below:

Contact information of our personal data protection officer is as follows:

Name: Jasmina Jerman

Phone: 052 616 566

E-mail: racunovodstvo@krt.hr

Notification changes

In view of the constant change of our operations, we may, from time to time, also change this Cookies Notification.

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